Jarvee Proxy Manager (Jarvee Proxy Tutorial)

Jarvee Proxy Manager Guide

Proxies are a complicated but easy skill to learn.


Which proxies you use and how you correctly use them within Jarvee...

...will be the fine line between having no issues or getting your social media accounts blocked.

This guide will take you step-by-step through the process of getting a secure and reliable proxy, and then adding it to Jarvee for your social media account.

Let's go!

Recommended proxy provider

Before you dive in, you need to download and install jarvee.

Jarvee is a social media automation application which we highly recommend here at SocialDasher.
Jarvee Social Media Automation Software

You can download Jarvee and access their 2 day free trial by clicking here or the button below. This is a perfect chance to get comfortable and familiar with the program. Whilst also seeing the power it provides.

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Further training for other tools

Because this is a guide tailored for beginners...

We won't be covering the other tools for now.

But as we don't want to leave you in the dark, you will want to know about these tools and play with them in your own time:

Direct Messages - You can manage your direct messages for your Instagram account here.

Manage comments - These column lets you manage comments on your Instagram profile, like comments, reply, and even edit and update the original photo or videos caption.

Repost - An awesome tool which downloads posts from other users which you can then repost on your account. You will need to create a desination and campaign for this tool to work.

In addition, if you want to learn everything possible about Jarvee, check out Instagram Masterminds.

This video covers everything you need to know about Instagram Masterminds:

Instagram masterminds

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