The Best 27 Instagram Business Bio Examples (Which You Can Use)

by Aaron Ward

Last updated Jun. 07, 2018

Instagram Business Bio Examples

Let's take a look at ONLY the best Instagram business bio examples.

We've looked at over 500+ business accounts on Instagram. And here's what we noticed.

The best business bios include:

  • A logo that fits in Instagrams profile picture circle of 110 pixels x 110 pixels
  • A short description explaining their value proposition/what they do
  • Contact information
  • A call to action
  • A link to a specific landing page (not just their home page)

Let's take a look at them.

Instagram Business Bio #1 - Vaseline

Instagram business bio examples vaselinebrand
Vaseline US Vaseline US–helping heal dry skin for generations. Now helping improve skin health worldwide with The Vaseline Healing Project.

What’s good about the bio:

Vaseline tells users exactly how their product helps them.

You want to let people know what the key benefit of your product or service is. Especially for those who are seeing your brand for the first time.

Also note, having a clear profile picture as your brand’s logo is important. And sometimes will need some restructuring to fit in the circle. However, they could have made a custom Instagram logo. A pure blue gradient background with Vaseline in white would work wonders. It looks like they just awkwardly cropped a picture.

Vaseline also created a landing page which is mobile responsive. This is key, as it directs users to your end goal. Unfortunately in this case, the landing page lacks an end goal.

What could be better:

There is no call to action.

Vaseline should have included copy such as:

“See how you can improve your skin’s health with Vaseline by visiting”

The website that Vaseline does include, lacks an end goal. If a visitor clicks on their link, it takes them to a page which doesn’t tell them what to do.

It should be one big button, with one very clear goal or task. Such as ‘Get a free mini Vaseline sample’ or ‘Get 25% off your next Vaseline tub!’.


It’s a great idea to make a specific landing page for your Instagram traffic. This way you can track conversions for your business and ensure the page is mobile friendly.


Instagram Business Bio #2 - Razer Gaming

Instagram business bio examples razer
RΛZΞR Razer – For Gamers. By Gamers.

What’s good about the bio:

Razer has a unique logo symbol to use as their profile image.

This helps them be easily recognizable in users feeds. Which helps increase likes and comments from thriving fans.

Besides this, they use a short tagline keeping on brand: Razer – For Gamers. By Gamers.

Bio improvements:

Razer is doing giveaways of their products constantly. Their bio should reflect this.

“Enter to win our $500 gamer gear giveaway:” would be a perfect addition to their bio.

Instead, they leave people in the dark on their home page. The result? People feel unfulfilled and unmotivated around making a purchase. Wheres the HYPE Razer?! Jeez.


Instagram Business Bio #3 -Dollar Shave Club

Instagram business bio examples dollarshaveclub
Dollar Shave Club Dollar Shave Club makes and delivers everything you need to look, feel, and shave like a million bucks— without paying it. Try the Club today.

What’s good about the bio:

Oh god yes!

Everything. Dollarshaveclub understands marketing and how to write a damn good bio which:

  • Mentions a clear benefit of their product and service
  • Includes a little light and subtle humor
  • Has a tracked link to a specific Instagram landing page which is mobile friendly

They seriously nailed their bio. Take notes because this is a good business bio!

Bio improvements:

Nothing! Keep doing you Dollarshaveclub.


Instagram Business Bio #4 - Starbucks

Instagram business bio examples starbucks
Starbucks Coffee ☕ Inspiring and nurturing the human spirit — one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.

What’s good about the bio:

Starbucks plays it smart. They know what their end business goal is—get people to download the Starbucks app.

What comes from that? Purchases.

So they include a trackable link in their bio for users to get their app.

Starbucks also frequently updates their bio, depending on seasonal promotions and product features. Showing they’re active and keeping consumers hyped.

Bio improvements:

There is no true call to action. People may feel skeptical to click on their link.

Why not say “Get bonus holiday Starbucks points for a free drink, Get the App:”


Instagram Business Bio #5 - Pura Vida Bracelets 

Instagram business bio examples puravidabracelets
Pura Vida Bracelets® ?Founded in Costa Rica ? Supporting 150+ Artisans Worldwide ? Tag Us #PuraVidaBracelets ? ?50% OFF SITEWIDE ?

What’s good about the bio:

Personally, I love Pura Vida Bracelets. They’re the perfect Instagram business to learn from. They are a combo-wombo of amazing content and biostructure.

In their bio, they give any first-time visitor all the information they need to know:

  • Where they’re located,
  • A #hashtag they can use to share photos of their pura Vida purchases
  • Contact information
  • Emojis to attract attention and bring life to the bio

And of course, they mention 50% off and link to their homepage, which in this case makes sense. As it’s site-wide and not a specific product.

If you only have a deal for one specific product, link directly to it!

Bio improvements:

Pura Vida Bracelets is a brand which dominates on Instagram and I recommend you follow them to keep up with their amazing content. It’s rare to see them do something wrong.


Instagram Business Bio #6 - Ralph Lauren Home

Instagram business bio examples ralphlaurenhome
Ralph Lauren Home A celebration of modern luxury and timeless style.

What’s good about the bio:

Ralphlaurenhome keeps things classy, exactly like their brand represents.

A clean bio makes sense here. While their content speaks for the brand’s high-quality products.

Including a trackable link in their bio is a great power move, as it helps them track how many visitors they get from Instagram. is a great resource to get trackable links 🙂

Bio improvements:

You’ve probably guessed it.

There’s no call to action in their bio, the link they had loaded up holiday (Christmas) gifts.

Yet they don’t get people excited to click through and visit that page.

“Shop exclusively modern luxury gifts for your loved ones:” would have been wonderful.


Instagram Business Bio #7 - Ben and Jerry's

Instagram business bio examples benandjerrys
Ben & Jerry’s Peace, Love, & Ice Cream.

What’s good about the bio:

If you are all about minimalism. Ben and Jerrys is a great Instagram business profile to take a look at.

Simple and straight to the point.

Plus they clearly know what’s up as they include a tracking link in their bio too.

As you can see it’s important to know where your traffic comes from.

Bio improvements:

Once again, no real hype or call to action in their bio. But hey, its Ben and Jerry’s we can scoop this mistake up.


Instagram Business Bio #8 - Coca-Cola

Instagram business bio example cocacola
Coca-Cola #ShareaCoke

What’s good about the bio:

That’s right. Coca-Cola gets a well deserved 1/5.

The only thing they did well here, is by using a branded hashtag #shareaCoke. Which, if you pardon my french, sounds a little too close to #shareacock. Hopefully, that hasn’t been an issue for them!

But the idea here is that they will be increasing brand awareness and generating social proof as people will upload pictures and videos with the hashtag.

Bio improvements:

Like we get it, you have a market capitalization at roughly $188 billion. But that’s no excuse to have such a boring and bland bio.

Especially when your drink is about excitement and joy.

Instead, they could have opted for something such as:

“Enjoy a refreshing Coca-Cola and earn rewards with our plus plan:”

This gets people thinking about the product and enjoying it. You may even be thinking about a coke now, and if you like it, you probably want one.

And it also gets people wanting to visit the link to get rewards. Everyone loves free rewards.


Instagram Business Bio #9 - Airbnb

Instagram business bio example airbnb
Airbnb Airbnb opens the door to interesting homes and experiences, even if it’s just for a night. Share your stories with #Airbnb. Book from our feed:

What’s good about the bio:

Airbnb hits it on the head:

They clearly explain the benefit of their service and close on two calls to actions.

  1. Share your story/experience using our hashtag #AirBnb
  2. Book a place to stay with us

Whats amazing is that Airbnb created a landing page with pictures where people have stayed. It’s actually their Instagram feed. You can then click a picture and book somewhere to stay in that location.

Smart right?

This is great as it doesn’t disrupt the users experience on the Instagram platform. Instead, it transitions them.

Bio improvements:

Nothing. They make their Instagram followers have a great experience and don’t disrupt the style of Instagram.


Instagram Business Bio #10 - Tesla

Instagram business bio example tesla
Tesla Electric cars, giant batteries and solar

What’s good about the bio:

Sometimes being short can go along way.

Especially when it comes to branding and marketing. There’s a phrase that goes “the less the better”.

And Tesla does that. They let people know their philosophy and provide a tracked link to their homepage.

Bio improvements:

It’s a shame Tesla doesn’t give a call to action. They could direct people to a landing page. This could be their newest car model, where people could explore the features.


Instagram Business Bio #11 - Adobe

Instagram business bio example adobe
Adobe This November, we’re featuring dynamic visuals that celebrate the beauty in chaos. Share your work with #Adobe_BeautyInChaos.

What’s good about the bio:

Adobe does a great job of updating their bio to represent each month’s artwork theme.

And give you an idea of what content they will be uploading.

If your business also works through monthly themes or seasons… update your bio to represent them.

Bio improvements:

Adobe has a trackable link to a page of artwork, I just wish they gave a call to action to get more clicks.

This is something as simple as “Click to see this months artwork”.


Instagram Business Bio #12 - Lego

Instagram business bio example lego
LEGO Hello! You made it to the official LEGO Instagram. We’ll show you around!

What’s good about the bio:

Lego includes a trackable link… which by now you know is important so you know how much traffic comes from Instagram.

The website page is also mobile friendly which is great, and has one goal aimed at getting users to download the Lego app.

Bio improvements:

Lego could do so much more with their bio.

They’re a company about creativity, and this bio lacks it. It feels like someone said, “meh this will do for now”.

Instead, they should be promoting people to share their creations. They could go with #mylegoween (perfect for Halloween themed lego builds). Or even #MyLego.


Quick Tips: Killer Elements To Write Your own Instagram business bio

Looking at my comments on these profiles, you should by now be familiar with what’s good and what’s bad.

For your Instagram business bio, you should include one:

  1. Quick paragraph about what your business does
  2. Branded #hashtag to drive engagement and generate social proof
  3. Call to action telling users what to do with a tracked link to a specific landing page if possible

A bio at the end of the day is a bio. It should be short, to the point and have an end goal in mind.

Below I’ve included more Instagram business bio examples. But this time without my feedback.


I want you to take a look at them and ask these 5 questions:

  1. Are they explaining their product or services benefit for new visitors?
  2. Is there a call to action?
  3. Does their profile image represent their brand? This should be a headshot or logo designed for Instagram’s circle.
  4. Do they use a trackable link to see how much traffic is coming from Instagram?
  5. What does their link open? Is it a landing page designed specifically for mobile and Instagram users?

This will get you in the mind frame for when you write your bio.


Instagram Business Bio #13 - Gym Shark

Instagram business bio example gymshark
Gymshark Be a visionary.


Instagram Business Bio #14 - Smarties

Instagram business bio example smarties
SMARTIES Canada Sweet & shareable with Natural Flavours & No Artificial Colours ?#HowDoYouSmarties?


Instagram Business Bio #15 - Globe

Instagram business bio example globebrand
Globe For the riders of concrete, oceans, and mountains—modern explorers of the Globe. #beUNEMPLOYABLE est. Australia 1994


Instagram Business Bio #16 - Sprout Social

Instagram business bio example sproutsocial
Sprout Social We build social media software that enables open communication between people and brands. Sharing how #TeamSprout works and plays here.


Instagram Business Bio #17 - Canva

Instagram business bio example canva
Canva Design Anything. Publish Anywhere. ? Available on ? and ? P.S. Android is coming soon! ?Get on the list here:


Instagram Business Bio #18 - Desenio

Instagram business bio example desenio
DESENIO Shop high quality posters and fashionable art prints online. Shipping to: The European Union, Norway, The US, Canada and Australia. #desenio


Instagram Business Bio #19 - BlackMilk Clothing

Instagram business bio example blackmilkclothing
BlackMilk Clothing For the Style Boss ? Designed and Made in Australia ✂️ #blackmilkclothing to be featured ? ? : blackmilksnaps Own it?


Instagram Business Bio #20 - Eater

Instagram business bio example eater
Eater The best food pics from Eater editors and readers. Tag #Eater and we’ll share our fave photos with our audience.


Instagram Business Bio #21 - BlogTO

Instagram business bio example blogto
blogTO Toronto’s source for local news, restaurant reviews, event listings and the best of the city. Tag your photos with #blogTO Snapchat ?: blogto


Instagram Business Bio #22 - MeUndies

Instagram business bio example meundies
MeUndies The Ultimate Feel Good Undies ?? Tag #MeUndies for a chance to be featured. Tap link to shop our Instagram feed.


Instagram Business Bio #23 - ConvertKit

Instagram business bio example convertkit
ConvertKit Email marketing for professional bloggers. Teaching everything we know every step of the way. | Craft + Commerce conference??


Instagram Business Bio #24 - TED

Instagram business bio example ted
TED Talks Ideas worth spreading


Instagram Business Bio #25 - Serena & Lily

Instagram business bio example serenaandlily
Serena & Lily Color, pattern, and original designs with a California point of view. Share your world #serenaandlily Shop our feed:


Instagram Business Bio #26 - A Color Story

Instagram business bio example acolorstory
A Color Story Use A Color Story to create fresh, colorful photos. ?Feature: #AColorStory ?Support: ?Partner:


Instagram Business Bio #27 - itsAaronWard

Instagram business bio example itsaaronward
Aaron Ward I teach you how to grow your audience & create a profitable online business. 21,000+ students ⚡ Join my FREE Instagram Mini Course:

Just to show you how a ‘pro’ is doing it. Ha!

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