Thoughts on Instagram Inauthentic Activity Update (November 2018)

Instagram Inauthentic Activity Update

Instagram just released a new update.

Which for those using automation...

Can be a bit scary.

Here's my thoughts on the sitatuon.


How to adjust to keep your accounts running safe and with Instagrams update.

Should you be worried?

Firstly, this is not something to worry about.

You need to look at the bigger picture of the automation world.

There are thousands of automated spam accounts joining Instagram every day to promote nasty content, junk products, and adult content.

As well as users who abuse automation by spamming out thousands of likes, follows and comments for the reasons mentioned above.

Instagram has released dozens of updates to reduce automation, and it's to essentially remove this "unathentic'" user base.

They have to crack down on this behavior, especially since it is now one of the major advertising networks available to businesses worldwide.

They don’t want users leaving the platform due to this, quite frankly, unacceptable behavior.

What automation software companies are saying

Jayvee also responded with a similar view of what we talked about above.

You can see it here:

"Instagram is trying to get rid of fake accounts for some time already. Occasionally, they make a cleanup, ban 1000's of fake/spam accounts, therefore, likes made by these account disappear. It's really nothing worth worrying about and it won't affect how Jarvee works. Also, it won't affect Jarvee users if you use our tools in a moderate way (not following and liking 1000s of posts per day). Just make sure that you keep your accounts look normal by avoiding using aggressive settings. While on the other hand you probably use automation but are not doing it for bad reasons." - Jarvee

However, it's most likely you are not using automation for bad reasons.

You're probably trying to grow your business or personal brand, but don’t have the time to sit on Instagram all day doing actions, talking to people and so on…

...and that's completely fair.

It’s hard to stand out on Instagram with the massive user base, so naturally, I personally think Instagram understands automation is going to always be used. Heck, automation is the keystone to any successful business.

They just want to start enforcing more triggers to stop these spam accounts which results in a better user experience for people using it.

"As the CTO of Instagram, keeping people with bad intentions off our platform is incredibly important to me," wrote Mike Krieger, Instagram's co-founder and chief technology officer.

And unfortunately, because Instagram is using machine learning, you can get caught in the crossfire.

That’s why there have been so many blocks in the past months, and non-related automation issues with Instagram because it’s learning what is good and what is bad.

So here's what you should do to keep safe

Start being more authentic: uploading amazing posts that people love, don’t do automated comments, be more unpredictable and random (using breaks and lots of sources) and slow things down, there is no rush.

It’s like racing from a red light, just to wait at another red light again. What’s the point?

This is something I have always preached: automate just like a human would act. It’s not hard to do, just step back and think how you use the platform, and simulate that.

In the upcoming months:

I will be reflecting on these ideas in my free instagram marketing tutorials and paid content. If you’re part of Instagram Masterminds, you’ll see it there first and then on my other channels such as this blog and youtube.

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