The Best Jarvee Instagram Settings 2019 — Beginner Friendly

The Best Jarvee Instagram Settings 2019 — Beginner Friendly

Today you’re going to copy my best Jarvee Instagram settings.

In fact:

These are the settings I have used to gain over 100+ targeted, and highly engaged followers per day on various accounts.

The best part is...

These settings are safe (to avoid blocks) and effective (so you gain lots of followers) AND they've been updated for 2019 :)

I've also included my most recent video tutorial if visual learning is more yo' thing.

Sections Covered:

  • Jarvee General Settings
  • Adding Your Instagram Account to Jarvee
  • Follow Settings
  • Unfollow Settings
  • Like Settings
  • Bonus: How to join the free Instagram Crash Course

Jarvee Instagram Video Tutorial

The settings below are currently being updated. Please use the video tutorial for the new settings that are working best.

1. Jarvee General Settings

Make sure you have Jarvee downloaded, installed, and open on your computer.

You can get a free Jarvee trial by clicking here.

Once it's installed, click Settings in the sidebar.

Jarvee Settings

Then go into the Error / Backup tab. Here you can change how often you want to backup your settings. Default settings are fine.

Jarvee Settings Error and Backup
Pro tip: reduce how long it saves backups if you don't have a lot of space on your computer.

Next up, go into the Email Notifications tab and turn it on.

Jarvee Email Notifications

You can then choose what emails to receive. This will keep you in the loop of what Jarvee is doing and if any issues happen.

Finally, and optionally, you can go into Social Platforms > Instagram.

Jarvee Instagram Settings Names

At the bottom you will see an option for Show male/female names.

If you want to specifically target users on Instagram that use another language other than English.

You will need to choose the language you want to target (such as French), and then add in male and female names so Jarvee can filter and find Instagram accounts with only those names. This will make more sense when we jump into the follow settings later.

Once again, this isn't required. It's just good to know this option is here and exists!

2. Adding Your Instagram Account To Jarvee

Click Social Profiles in the sidebar.

Jarvee Social Profiles

Then click the ADD PROFILE button.

Jarvee Add Profile

Select ADD PROFILE for Instagram.

Jarvee Add Instagram Account\

Now you can enter the information for your account.

Feel free to explore the different options and tabs here. We will only be covering the necessary steps.

The only fields you need to fill out is your username and password that you use to login to your Instagram account.

Jarvee Instagram Login

And then:

At the bottom click on Show Advanced Profile Settings.

Jarvee Show Advanced Profile Settings

First you want to Enable Nightmode with the following settings.

  • Randomize Nightmode
  • Start between: 10:30PM and 11:45PM
  • End between: 7:00AM and 8:00AM

This makes your automation look more human, by 'sleeping' at night.

Jarvee nightmode settings

Next, scroll down until you see Use embedded browser to follow when Action Blocked.

Enable it.

Do the same for Use embedded browser to like when Action Blocked.

Jarvee Like Block Profile Settings

3. Follow Settings

It's now time to setup your tools.

Click Tools in the sidebar.

Jarvee Tools

Then click on Manage Columns at the bottom.

Jarvee Manage Columns
We are going to change the columns to only show important tools/information to make the interface cleaner.

Copy these columns and width settings:

Jarvee Tools Manage Columns

After, close the popupandit will save the settings.

Then click on MORE TOOLS to open up your Tool settings.

Jarvee More Tools

Open the Follow tab.

You will then want to use the settings shown below. They have been used for over a year on various accounts and have resulted in amazing results.

If you want to join a free course that explains these settings and shows you the setup in a video walk-through, click here.

Jarvee Follow Run Timers

Jarvee follow run timer settings
  • Wait between: 2 and 4 minutes
  • Follow between: 5 and 10 people per operation
  • Delay between: 65 and 75 seconds
  • Execute between: 12:00am and 11:59pm
  • Add random sleep time: 5 and 10 minutes after executing 10 to 20 operations

Jarvee Follow Limits

Jarvee follow limit settings
  • Follow a maximum of: 25 - 50 per day
  • Increase each day: 50 until it reaches 600 max Follows per day

Jarvee Follow User Filters

A lot of these filters are option, they're simply what I recommend. Once again to learn why I'm using these check out my free course where I explain each setting.

Jarvee follow user filter settings
  • Skip Non English Users
  • User has profile image
  • User bio/username/name must NOT contain any invalid words (download my list here)
  • User has a number of followers/followings: 20-1500
  • User is not following this account
  • Do not follow private users
  • Skip business accounts
  • Do not follow accounts with more than 4 digits in their username

After Follow Actions

We want to like a post of every person we follow, this will result in them getting more notifications and increasing their chance to see you and follow back.

We are also going to enable extra options to make the likes random, reducing the chance of creating a spammy pattern and resulting in more human automation.

Jarvee after follow actions settings
  • Stop wait time when no more results
  • Like user's latest posts
  • Wait between: 30 and 45 seconds
  • Like between: 0 and 2 posts
  • Like random posts
  • Like before follow: 50% of posts (we like like 50% of people we follow before we execute the follow)
  • Like percentage: 75 (we only do likes on 75% of the people we follow)
  • Remove poor quality Sources
  • Follow back ratio is lower than: 0.15 (you can use anything from 0.1 to 0.2. 0.1 of 500 is 50 followers per day, 0.15 is 75 followers per day, and 0.2 is 100 followers per day)
  • Remove After: 500 follows

Adding your follow sources

Next, click on your Follow Sources tab at the top.

This is how you tell Jarvee to find people to follow.
Jarvee Follow Sources

Enable these two options:

  1. Follow followers of target accounts (Selection Rank: 9)
  2. Follow users who interacted with posts on target accounts (Selection Rank: 10)
Selection rank means Jarvee will try to find users with the highest selection rank first, and if it can't find anyone else, it will then go to the next source and find users from that.

These are by far the best sources to use for good follow back ratios.

Jarvee Follow users that interacted with posts on target accounts

Make sure to change the minutes to 2880 (2 days).

Finally, add in accounts to start targeting users of. These accounts should be similar to yours so that the people you follow are interested in your account. I teach my best targeting methods inside of Instagram Masterminds if you're interested in learning.

4. UnFollow Settings

Our follow settings will be similar to your follow settings.

We just want to make sure that you are unfollowing more users per day then you are following.

This is to:

  • Keep you from reaching the following limit of 7500
  • And to make you not look like you're spam following people

Click the Unfollow tab inside of your tools.

Unfollow Run Timers

Jarvee unfollow run timers settings
  • Unfollow after: 1 days
  • Wait between: 2-3 minutes
  • Unfollow between: 5-10 people per operation
  • Delay between: 65-75 seconds
  • Execute between: 12:00am and 11:59pm

Unfollow Limits

Jarvee unfollow limit settings
  • Unfollow a maximum of: 50 - 75 per day
  • Increase each day with: 50
  • Reaches: 650 max Unfollows per day

Unfollow User Filters

User filters are always optional, but these are options I recommend.

Jarvee unfollow user filters settings
  • Unfollow all users followed by Jarvee
  • Also target users followed from outside Jarvee (Optional)
  • Do not unfollow commenters: last 6 posts
  • Use Whitelist (Optional: add in usernames of people you NEVER want to unfollow. such as good friends or accounts you like)
  • Auto extract users followed outside Jarvee (Optional, it will automatically add people you follow outside of Jarvee to the whitelist to never be unfollowed)

Other options

  • Enable Skip wait time when no more results

4. Like Settings

Finally, we will setup likes.

The aim with likes is to engage with your followers. This will remind them you exist, and will naturally increase your likes and comments.

This is very important for how the algorithm works on Instagram as it sees engagement as the highest ranking factor. You can learn more about this inside Instagram Masterminds.


Click the Like tab.

And let's dive right in:

New: Jarvee Like Settings For Instagram (Video Walkthrough)

Like Run Timers

Jarvee like run timers settings
  • Wait between: 2 and 4 minutes
  • Like between: 1-3 posts
  • Delay between: 120-180 seconds (a big delay will stop common like blocks)
  • Execute between: 12:00am and 11:59pm

Like Limits

Jarvee like limits settings
  • Like a maximum of: 25-50 per day
  • Increase each day by: 50
  • Reaches: 300 max likes per day
  • Like users most recent posts: 3
  • Limit max number of likes per user: 5 every 7 days

Like User Filters

Jarvee Like User Filters
  • Skip non English users
  • User has profile image
  • User bio/username/name must NOT contain and invalid words (download my list here)

Like Post Filters

Jarvee Like Post Filters
  • Posted within the last X days: 1
  • Filter posts by number of likes: 0 - 500
  • Choose a random post from the most recent user's posts
  • Do NOT like if post caption contains specific words (download my list here)

After Like Actions

Jarvee after like actions
  • Suspend when temporary blocked: 45 and 60 minutes
  • Skip wait time when no more results

Now it's time to add sources to like.

Click on Sources in your Like tab.

Jarvee Like Sources

Then you want to enable these two sources:

  1. Like Posts of Followers (Selection Rank 10)
  2. Like Latest Feed Posts (Selection Rank 9)

It's VERY IMPORTANT to remember, most of your likes are used after you follow users, as you will also be liking their latest post too.

So these likes are to just help boost your engagement 👍

Time to turn everything on!

Finally, head back into your Tools tab and turn the status of your tools to on.

Jarvee Turn Tools On

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