The Best Instagram Proxies List (Updated 2019)

The Best Instagram Proxies List

If you are actively involved with Instagram automation.

And using a tool like Jarvee:

You’re most likely looking for some good proxies.

Below is a list of the best Instagram proxies.

Split into Data Centre Proxy and Residential Proxy providers.

Let’s dive in…

Important information to know before purchasing an Instagram proxy

Proxy providers give different results for each person.

It's just the weird way the world works. Some people have no problems with proxies, whilst others can take months to find a provider which works for their Instagram account.

This comes down to various factors such as:

  1. The Instagram accounts original location before using a proxy
  2. The age of the Instagram account
  3. What proxy you are given (sometimes the proxies are just not good/dead)
  4. The type of proxy (data centre vs residential)

So while *Proxy Provider A* may work for one person perfectly, that proxy provider may not work well for another person. Instead, that other person will find *Proxy Provider B* works for them. So it’s a good idea to test different providers if your proxy isn’t working well/you're having a lot of issues.

Also, residential proxies or LTE phone proxies work much better than data centre proxies—this is because as they work like a home IP/phone IP address, making the connection they provide more authentic. However, they do come at a high cost than data centre proxies.

Dedicated Instagram Proxy List

Dedicated/Data Centre proxies are IP addresses issued by a secondary corporation that typically isn’t a home internet service provider.

They still work great, and are always a recommended starting point due to being cheaper than residential proxies which you will find listed below.

1 - High Proxies

Highproxies Instagram Proxies Sales Page

High proxies is typically my personal go to. They work well, have good customer support and will replace your proxies at no cost if they’re not working

Price per proxy: $3.20

2 - SSL Private Proxy

SSLPrivateProxy Instagram Proxies Sales Page

Originally I used SSL private proxy, and still run a few proxies with them. They’re also a great option for purchasing Instagram proxies.

Price per proxy: $5.50

3 - BlazingSEO Proxy

BlazingSEO Instagram Proxies

A lot of users have had success purchasing proxies odd Blazing Proxy. They are more expensive but typically have great results. Like anything, the more you pay, the better it’s going to work as its higher quality.

They also just added locations in Canada and Japan. So good news everybody!

Price per proxy: $6.00

Proxy tip: Below you will find residential proxy services, who also *sometimes* offer data center proxies.

Residential Instagram Proxy List

If you have some spare cash, you're going to find that residential Instagram proxies work much better.

This is because:

Residential proxies are simply IP addresses issued from a standard Internet Service Provider, typically cable or DSL that is wired right into your home.

How proxies work infographic
Image Credit:

Therefore, your automation looks more human as it’s coming from a normal IP address, such as the one you use inside of your home, at a starbucks, a library, an office, and so on...

1 - Smart Proxy

Smart Proxy Residential Instagram Proxies

Smart Proxy is the only residential proxy I personally have tested and found that it worked great. There was no issues and the setup process was even quicker than a data centre proxy. In addition, you can use rotating proxies and their sticky proxies—I found the sticky version of their residential proxies worked the best.

2 - Luminati

Luminati Residential Instagram Proxies

Lot’s of users say Luminati is a great residential proxy to run Instagram automation on. It comes with a high cost once again, but you naturally will experience less blocks and smoother automation keeping your accounts safe.

3 - Geosurf

Geosurf Residential Instagram Proxies

Another option for residential proxies. I haven’t personally used them, but they’re known as an alternative provider for well priced Instagram residential proxies.

4 - Buy Personal Proxy

BuyPersonalProxy Residential Instagram Proxies

Android Tipster (another great online blog for social media tips) has mentioned that Buy Personal Proxy works great for there Instagram accounts. Specifically the Monthly Premium Dedicated residential IP Proxy’s, which start at $5.99/month.

4G/LTE Instagram Proxies

Finally you can purchase 4G/LTE proxies which are IP addresses a phone connection would use.

This makes your automation look the most human, as most Instagram connections come from a phone.

While I haven’t personally gone and tested these providers, I did want to list them out for you.

1 - AirProxy (recommended)

Airproxy 4g Instagram proxies

4G Proxies are the way to go at the moment.

They help you receive less blocks as a 4G connection looks like a normal phones activity would.

They are a little more expensive, so I'd only recommend using them if managing accounts is your thing and you also understand how to automate accounts safely.


If you are spamming Instagram in any way, or already have a low trust-factor rank on your account (lot's of phone verification, blocks and so on...) the proxies won't instantly fix that.

Price: $70/per 30 days (running 5 accounts per proxy = $16 per account)

Final note about purchasing proxies

While this list is filled with great proxy providers.

Don’t be afraid to test others:

If you find a different provider, there is no harm in giving them a test...because they’re most likely not as known and therefore less saturated: meaning your Instagram automation will experience less blocks.

Nether the less, all proxy providers mentioned in this article work great 👍

And if you are wondering which proxy provider I use, I’m current using High Proxies.

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