The Best Instagram Automation Software 2019

The Best Instagram Automation Software

If you want to know what the best Instagram automation software is, you'll love this article.

I personally have used Instagram automation tools for over two years.

And have taught these tools to 30,000+ people just like yourself.

Today, I'm sharing and recommending the #1 Instagram automation software: this tool will give you the best features, results, support and of course:

The best bang for your buck.

Let's get into it!

Best Instagram Automation Software: at this current time


This is our go-to tool for ALL social media automation.

It's Instagram module is insanely good. If you are familiar with Mass Planner before it 'shut down'...

Jarvee is basically a new and improved version of Mass Planner (which during its time was the best Instagram automation software on the market).

If you want to jump right in and take my word for it:

You can grab a Free Trial of Jarvee by clicking here

For the rest of this article however, I'm going to explain and break down why this is the best Instagram automation software, and how it can help you.

P.S. We won't be doing any comparisons with other software, as it's a waste of time (as this one currently trumps all of them—so there is no real comparison as Jarvee wins each time).

Here's why this is currently the best Instagram Automation software

The Number of options are crazy

You get so many options inside Jarvee, it's insane.

Jarvee Instagram Automation Software


Jarvee Instagram Automation Software Options After Follow

This is very much needed. Like seriously needed.

It's getting harder and harder on Instagram to automate accounts, gain followers, appear consistently in hashtag top posts, or on the explore page.

This is due to Instagram implementing pay-to-win changes, such as paid ads or story promotions and restricting how often you are seen.

So to actually have any impact, you need micro-specific and almost unnecessary options to perfectly target the right users on Instagram.

This is where Jarvee exceeds.

You can perfectly define who you want to target on Instagram.

This gives you peace of mind that your automation efforts are going to have a positive return, and will only get you the best and most engaged followers on Instagram.


You can target users in multiple ways too. Here are the options on how to actually find users on Instagram:

Jarvee Instagram Automation Software Follow Sources

Oh, and if one of these sources sucks, guess what?

Jarvee will remove it for you! This by far is my favorite option:

Jarvee Instagram Automation Software Remove Poor Follow Sources

Basically, if you follow 2500 users and get a poor follow back ratio, Jarvee will delete that source for you.

Lot's of Account management tools

In addition, you can fully control and manage your Instagram account only using Jarvee.

Other software does not offer these account management features.

  • Manage comments
  • Manage direct messages

You guessed it, right inside of Jarvee. There are two modules which easily let you reply, delete and like comments OR reply or send new direct messages.

And of course, you can automate comments and direct messages too.

Automatic emails to notify you of errors

Errors are very uncommon in Jarvee.

But let's say your account for some reason runs out of posts or your account gets like blocked.

Jarvee sends you an email letting you know. If this isn't awesome I don't know what is.

Jarvee Instagram Automation Software Notification

Schedule posts or automatically repost other users content

Jarvee has so far, the best I've ever seen, uploading module.

It's incredibly easy to post and schedule your own content or repost other users content with your own customized caption.

Furthermore, Jarvee is the only tool that I know of which:

  1. You can repost other users photo or videos
  2. Upload and schedule Instagram stories with the Poll feature

Amazing support and frequent updates

Jarvee has a dedicated, and super friendly support team.

The response time is fast, generally 8 hours or less from experience.

You can actually send them a message directly within the software and attach your logs too.

Jarvee Instagram Automation Software Support

You can also request features

Which leads me on to say:

There's a ton of updates and improvements weekly! So Jarvee always works with Instagram's updates. Jarvee is automatically updated too, so you don't have to close and restart the software.

Jarvee Instagram Automation Software Updates

Every Instagram automation tool you need

Jarvee just has it all.

They're at the top of their game when it comes to supplying you with everything you need.

Here's a list of everything you can automate:

Jarvee Instagram Automation Software Tools

Plus you can do things such as:

  • Add proxies to your accounts
  • Update and edit your Instagram profile within Jarvee
  • Setup automatic Two Factor Authentication or Email Verification
  • Research Users and Hashtags within Jarvee
  • Import lists or data from other tools such as FollowLiker
  • Upload to multiple social accounts at the same time
  • Generate tokens to reference data
  • Spintax any string data
  • Use an embedded browser
  • Change the layout of the software, tabs and modules
  • See daily statistics in graph or list format
  • Setup Instagram engagement groups to auto comment
  • And a ton more...

Finally, you don't just get 'Instagram automation software'

Jarvee isn't just designed for Instagram. They also include these social networks:

  1. Instagram
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. Pinterest
  5. YouTube
  6. LinkedIn
  7. Tumblr
  8. Google+

Therefore, in the long run, it makes it cheaper for you to automate multiple networks.

And for those wondering, Jarvee starts at $19.95 per month for 10 social network accounts.

I also want to mention, Jarvee connects to Instagram via a browser, and therefore doesn't connect to the API. This makes your automation much safer.

Conclusion on the best Instagram automation software

Jarvee is fantastic tool to help you grow your Instagram account.

Whether you're growing multiple accounts to sell shoutouts, a business account to drive sales or you're simply looking for brand exposure,,,

Jarvee will help you out.

It has everything you need to successfully gain Instagram followers and boost engagement.

I've used many other tools, but this one is by far the best Instagram automation software, due to how many features it has, the crazy amount of options, the support team and frequent updates.

And if your a bit overwhelmed due to how big this software is...

We will help you out, because we have the best guides covering Jarvee here on our blog and in our free course:

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