How To Make Money on Instagram — Managing Accounts

Make Money on Instagram Managing Accounts

A topic we get asked about a lot is "how to make money on Instagram".

Today we are answering this with a passive, easy and very profitable method...

Which can earn you $2,500+ easily per month.

Specifically, I'm going to show you how to make money on Instagram through managing Instagram accounts for other people.

Let's get into it...

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The Strategy/Business Model

The strategy behind this model is very simple.

In short form:

You are offering a service where you automate other peoples Instagram accounts and grow their followers.

In long form:

You will be finding clients who are looking to:

  • Grow their Instagram followers and engagement (likes and comments)
  • Drive traffic to their website or businesses goal

A business goal could be something as simple as getting sales on a specific product, or getting sign ups for their free training

Your clients will typically be business owners, entrepreneurs, artists or someone who has a growth or business goal.

For example:

You could work with a personal trainer. You will help them gain more followers, and drive traffic to their free 30 day fitness program.

Firstly, you find them/reach out via email, DM or a phone call. Then you have a talk with them about their goals, who their competitors are, the content they upload. Finally, you are given their Instagram account information...

Then you set their account up in your Instagram automation software.

The Requirements To Get Started

Like any business, you will have some overheads and equipment requirements.

We've listed them out below for you and recommended services for each one.

Overall it's not an expensive business to start. You will cap out at around $66 USD per month for 5 clients, but earn $500+.

Instagram Automation Software: Jarvee

Jarvee is a fantastic social media automation program. It has everything you need to automate and manage an Instagram account: from following targeted users to uploading content automatically.

You can read our full Jarvee Instagram Review here.

And you can grab a free trial of Jarvee by clicking here.

Free Instagram Marketing Course: Join For Free

If you are new to using Javee, join our Free Instagram Marteting Crash Course by clicking here.

This runs you through essential Instagram marketing strategies, as well as a beginner introduction to setting up Jarvee for Instagram.

Instagram Proxies: HighProxies

Proxies are confusing if you've never used one before. The good news is they're VERY simple.

A proxy is an IP address to 'mask' the location you are connecting from. For example, you could be living in Toronto, Canada and have a home IP of 891.891.891.891. Then if you purchase a Los Angeles, USA based proxy (let's say it looks like, when you make a connection to Instagram it thinks you are connecting from LA even though you are in Toronto.

For each client account, you will need to use a brand new private proxy which is located as close as possible to them and put it into Jarvee.

Here's a Jarvee Proxy Tutorial to help you with the setup process.

The reasoning behind this is that if you automate 20 accounts on one IP address, it looks very inhuman on Instagrams end. Therefore, using a proxy turns those 20 account connections coming from one IP, into 20 single account connections from different IP's.

You can get Instagram proxies from HighProxies by clicking here.

A Windows Computer That Is On 24 Hours Per Day

You are going to need a computer which you can keep on 24 hours per day.

This is because Jarvee needs a computer which is turned on to run and execute tasks, such as following Instagram users.

If you don't have a Windows computer, or a computer which you can run 24 hours per day...

You will need a VPS (Virtural Private Server). This is a computer which you rent, and can remotely access from your computer at any time.

A VPS runs 24 hours per day, so what you will do is setup Jarvee on the VPS.

You can get a VPS by visiting GreenCloudVPS and choosing their MassPlanner Optimized VPS package.

The 'Can-Do' Attitude

Finally, this isn't a sit back and get rich method.

You will need to put in the time, learn from the experience of managing clients, build relationships, make mistakes, have success and overall embrace the business model.

The good news:

It's really fun.

Getting Your First Clients

The scary part.


I could give you a perfect step by step method to doing this.

But the cold truth is that there is no perfect method to gaining your first clients.

So instead, I'm handing over my methods which have helped countless people gain their fist client.

They don't require much either, other than about 30 minutes per day and a go-gettum attitude.

Naturally, you will develop your own method and get better with it over time.

Before Everything, Offer A Free Trial Of Your Service

Before you ask clients to join you on your Instagramatical conquest...

Decide what free trial you want to offer them.

This is how you are going to generate interested leads, who test your service and continue with you once you show them how awesome you are.

We highly recommend you offer either a free 7, 14 or 30 day trial of this service.

Keeping in mind, you will need to cover the cost of 1 proxy which is roughly $4.00. But once they sign up, you'll easily make it back.

In addition, you want to offer a 15 to 30 minute free consultation call. On this call you'll tell them what services you offer, get an understanding of their business goals, and most importantly sell to them!

Method 1 - Ask Friends

Your friends are a great resource to start with. It's much easier to ask your friends to test your service out then people you don't know.

Any whats great is your friends have other friends. Word of mouth is a very powerful tool which will land you new clients.

Method 2 - Email, Call Or Walk-In To Businesses

The most popular method is to contact potential business owners. The key here is to look at where their Instagram is currently at, and then offer them a solution and estimate of growth you can supply to them.

The more you do this, the greater chance one will say yes. This is the same strategy a lot of SEO agencies use: they contact businesses and mention how their service can help them increase sales.

In your case, you would explain how you can increase their followers and engagement which boosts their brands social proof, plus drive traffic to their businesses conversion goal (sales or signups).

Method 3 - Build A Website

Building a website is a great tool to show clients the services you offer (Instagram follower growth, engagement growth, reports, consulation calls, etc...) and testimonials.

People can visit your website, and gain an understanding of what it is that you do, and how it will benefit them if they sign up.

And of course you'll include a contact method to get them on board!

We discuss more tips about building a website later in this guide.

Don't expect to build a website and instantly get sales. Method 1 and 2 are much more reliable. A website simply compliments them.

How Much To Charge Your Clients

Making money isn't hard when you use math.

So that's what we are going to do.

First 5 clients. $50 per month

  • 5 x $50 per client = $250
  • Jarvee, 5 Proxies, and a VPS (overheads) = $66
  • Total profit = $184 per month
$250 - $66 = $184

Next 5 clients: $75 per month

  • $250 (first 5 clients)
  • + 5 x $75 for new clients = $375
  • Overheads = $86 (you will purchase 5 new proxies)
  • Total profit = $593 per month
$250 + $375 - $86 (overheads) = $593 profit

Next 5 clients: $100 per month

  • $250 (first 5 clients)
  • $375 (second 5 clients)
  • Overheads = $106 (you purchase 5 more proxies)
  • Total profit = $1,019 per month
$250 + $375 + $500 - $106 (overheads) = $1,019

A pro tip is to just start at $100 per month. This especially works if your clients are business owners and they see value in your service (more traffic and sales).

Then you only need 10 clients to make $1,000 per month.

Quicker Pricing Strategies:

You can target 10 higher earning businesses, charge $250 per month and earn $2,500 income! 20 Businesses = $5,000 income.

Don't feel restricted to these numbers. Start at $100 per month and go up to $300 per month! Always be testing and see what your limits are.

If you have a client earning $1,000+ per product they sell... they most likely have the budget to pay you more.

Extra Tips To Help You Succeed

A few extra tips and pieces of advice to help you out with this side hustle:

  1. Stick to one niche because it makes it very easy for you to understand and help specific people, plus you can offer insights they didn't know.
  2. Scale quickly. The more clients you take on the more money you make and the more you learn.
  3. Focus on supplying an awesome service. Clients want a great experience and if they get it, they'll be recommending you to friends
  4. Practice makes perfect. It won't be smooth sailing from the start, but it's the same with every business.

Building A Website: Attract Clients, Show Your Services And Display Testimonials

If you want to start a 'public agency' offering this service it's recommended that you build a website.

Nothing complicated.

A one/single page website works great.

We highly recommend using Webflow to build your site.

It's what SocialDasher is built on. It's very easy to use and has fantastic hosting speed.

On your website you will want to include the following:

  • Free trial offer or consultation call
  • Social proof
  • Service offers (what is that you do)
  • Testimonials
  • Contact method
  • Success/results

Having a website is a great way to show potential clients what you can offer their business, as well as showing your service is valuable through testimonials.

We won't be diving into building a website any more, as it's a whole beast on its own.

Instead we just wanted to recommend Webflow as it's very unknown but a powerful website builder.

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