Jarvee Proxy Manager — How To Use Proxies In Jarvee For Social Media

Jarvee Proxy Manager


What are they?

And how do you use one with Jarvee whilst automating your social media profiles?

And an even more important question:

Why do you need to be using a proxy?

And what type of proxies should you be using?

With so many questions, Instagram proxies can get a little confusing.


These are the questions I'm going to answer for you today so everything is simple, clear and working perfectly.

Let's go!

Why You Should Be Using A Proxy (If You're Automating Social Media Profiles)

Let's say you are running 20 Instagram accounts.

And you're doing it all on one IP address, which is your trusty home computer.

This is an issue:

Because those 20 accounts are all performing actions roughly at the same time.

Which means that those 20 Instagram accounts could like an image, follow a user, comment on someones post, and so on...all at the same time.

And it's all coming from the same IP address/connection!

This is NOT human-like.

Enter Proxies.

The easiest way to explain what a proxy does is by looking at this diagram:

How Proxies Work For Social Media Automation

Basically, a proxy makes it look like you are connecting from a different location.

Or as WhatIsMyIP says: "A proxy server is basically another computer which serves as a hub through which internet requests are processed. By connecting through one of these servers, your computer sends your requests to the server which then processes your request and returns what you were wanting. In this way it serves as an intermediary between your home machine and the rest of the computers on the internet. Proxies are used for a number of reasons such as to filter web content, to go around restrictions such as parental blocks, to screen downloads and uploads and to provide anonymity when surfing the internet."

Ideally, you want 1 proxy for every 1 social media account you are automating.

Making those original 20 Instagram accounts, look like they're connecting from 20 different locations when they like, follow, comment etc...

Which is...more human-like!

When Should You Start Using Proxies On Your Social Profiles?

A simple rule of thumb is:

Run three (3) social media platform profiles on your home IP address.

And then run any other profiles using a proxy.

These rules apply for each social media platform: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and YouTube...

A Proxy Setup Example:

You have 20 Instagram accounts, 5 Twitter Accounts and 1 Pinterest account.

You can run: 3 Instagram accounts, 3 Twitter accounts and the 1 Pinterest account on your home IP address.

The other accounts will be required to use a proxy.

This includes:

  • 17 Instagram accounts (17 proxies required)
  • 2 Twitter accounts (2 proxies required). Yes you can use one of the Instagram proxies because they're too different platforms!
  • Total proxies required = 17.

If You're Using A VPS, You Should Use Proxies From The Start

If you run software or tools on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or dedicated server that you don't personally own.

You will want to use proxies from the start.

This is because the VPS's IP address could have previously been used by spam accounts and be blocked.

Resulting in your accounts being blocked or banned.

Where To Buy Social Media Proxies (Plus A Key Tip When Purchasing Them)

Firstly you want to purchase private proxies.

These are the most secure proxies because only you have access to use them.

Private Proxies Setup

Private proxies are an IP address that requires a username and password to connect to.

This ensures only you can access the proxy and no one else can use it.

They're also typically brand new IP addresses too, meaning no bad history is related to them.

We've been using HighProxies for years and had no issues with their products and customer support.

You can use their Buy Proxies > Private Proxies for social media channels:

Specifically for Instagram, you will want to purchase their Buy Proxies > Instagram Proxies:

Visit HighProxies

After you initiate checkout you will want to pick the location as close as possible to you.


After you add to cart and checkout, I highly recommend you take a look at their list of proxy locations: https://www.highproxies.com/datacenters/

Then make sure to request that your proxy be as close as possible to you.

For example, if I live in New York I'm going to ask for a New York, USA proxy.

Or if you live in Romania, you want to ask for a Rome, Italy proxy as it's the closest to you.

For my Australian friends, check out Proxy6 for Australian proxies.

After you complete your purchase, you will need to wait a few hours to the service to configure your proxy. You'll receive an email once it's done.

How To Add Your Proxy To Jarvee

To make things dead simple.

I suggest you watch this video tutorial I made on adding your proxy into Jarvee.

It's an easy process, but requires a few key steps to ensuring everything works correctly.

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