Jarvee Like Block Fix and Solutions — Remove Instagram Like Blocks

Jarvee Like Block Fix and Solutions

So you’ve run into getting a block on Jarvee.

Annoying right?

While you haven’t done anything wrong if you’ve followed along with my YouTube videos or best settings inside Instagram Masterminds

Like blocks and follow blocks happen.

Heck, they can even happen manually.

This guide is going to show you various solutions and reasons for these blocks.

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Step 1 - Stop automation

The easiest step of them all.

Simply turn off your tools for 48 hours.

That’s right, 2 whole days of no automation 😐.

The reason why you are blocked is because Instagram is saying:

“Hey we think you are doing too many of these actions for how much we trust your account, please slow things down so we know you're not a bot/spam.”

And you need to reply with “Ok, got it!”.

Always be working with Instagram instead of against it.

The issue is, lots of people race to instantly get started again when they get blocked. Without changing anything.

It’s like racing from a red traffic light just to wait at the next red light.

If you imagine when you start an Instagram account you have a trust level of 0 out of 100.

Instagram Trust Level Day 1, No Trust

Instagram doesn’t know what your account will be used for. You need to prove you are here to be authentic, upload high quality posts and make other users experiences better. Bonus points if you click on Ads because Instagram makes money selling advertising and media space!

With time, your trust level will increase.

Instagram Trust Level 2 Years, Max Trust

Naturally, as time goes on and you do more actions on Instagram (follow, like, post, comment, share, dm and so on...) you will be able to do more actions per hour and day. 

And you won’t get blocked as much!

Having an old account doesn’t increase your trust score drastically. Only doing legitimate actions and having people engaging with you positively builds up your trust score.

The same idea applies for the device you use Instagram on:

The first time you use a phone, Instagram will confirm its you because that device has a trust level of 0. The more you do phone verifications and do actions on the phone, the more the device is trusted.

Also keep in mind, Jarvee mimics an Android device even though it runs on a computer so it still uses this idea. The same goes for your IP address your Instagram is connecting from.

Step 2 - Enabled blocked browsers

Before you restart automation, you need to enable embedded browsers if you get blocked again.

To do this, head into your social profiles module > Click on your Instagram account

On your Instagram profile, click Show Advanced Options at the bottom of the Overview tab.

Then scroll down until you see these two options:

  • use embedded browser when like blocked
  • use embedded browser when follow blocked

Make sure you enable both of these options as it will help Jarvee avoid blocks.

Step 3 - Reset your daily limits and increase your delays

The next step after 48 hours of no automation is to start from scratch again.

You will want to set all your tool settings to:

  • Operation wait time: 4-5 minutes
  • Delay: 60-120 seconds
  • Daily Limits: 25-50 and Increase by 25 each day till (500-800 max)

Also, set your:

  • Max follows per hour to 30.
  • Maximum likes per hour to 25.

And finally:

  • Increase your like after follow delay to: 30-60 seconds
  • Or turn it off for a week to see if that helps

For a full run-through of these settings optimized and explained check out my Instagram Masterminds course.

Step 4 (optional) - Reset your device ID

If step 1 and 2 didn’t work you will want to reset your device ID.

To do this, head into your social profiles module > Click on your Instagram account

On your Instagram profile, click Show Advanced Options at the bottom of the Overview tab.

Scroll all the way down until you see Reset Device ID.

Click it and then re-validate your account.

Naturally, Instagram will most likely ask you to verify this new device when you attempt to login again. They’re just ensuring someone hasn’t gained access to your account.

When you reset your device ID, you should also reset your tools (step 3) as it’s a new device that needs to build up a trust score.

Step 5 (optional) - Reset your IP/Get a new proxy

If you are using a proxy sometimes simply getting a new one can fix the problem itself.

My recommended proxy providers can be found in this list below:

OR you can read my Best Instagram Proxy List here.

If you are using a VPS and not using a proxy on it, I would recommend trying to use a proxy instead of the computers local IP address as it could already have been used by someone else on Instagram and be blocked/flagged.

If you are automating Jarvee on your home computer and local IP address, you can contact your ISP (Internet service provider) and request them to change your IP address, or walk you through doing it inside your router (you could also google it too).

Resetting the IP address is typically the last option to try, as blocks are usually the cause of a low trust score on your Instagram account.

When you reset your IP, you should also reset your tools (step 3) as it’s a new device that needs to build up a trust score. And you should also reset your device (step 4) as you don’t want to associate your new IP address with the same device ID. So make sure to stop all automation before you do this.

Step 6 - If blocks still keep happening

Unfortunately there is no solution to this.

It could be that you have a low trust score; so instead of using automation go and manually use the account for a week or two.

It could also just be an issue on Instagram’s end. People who don’t even use automation still experience blocks that happen to “protect the community”.

Also, your sources/targeting for likes and follows could be bad or too narrow (only one or two accounts). Try removing them (export a backup first) and use completely different sources to see it that helps.

Other factors to consider could be: 

  • Purchased accounts were created on a flagged IP address
  • You purchased followers
  • Your uploading spammy/crap/bad posts
  • Your promoting a bad link in your bio
  • You’ve automated comments
  • Hashtags you are using have been blocked.

It can be very frustrating, but the options above typically help solve blocks.

If it still continues, try doing every possible thing to figure it out. It’s a process of elimination.

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