Jarvee Instagram Tutorial 2019 — The Best Beginner Friendly Settings

Jarvee Instagram Tutorial

Setting up Jarvee for the first time can be a little intimidating and confusing.

But thats ok because:

I've fully explored and hard-tested different settings inside Jarvee so you don't have to.

Today, inside this guide, I'm going to walk you through step-by-step on how to use Jarvee for Instagram.

More specifically, you're going to get hold of:

  1. Best beginner friendly Jarvee settings to gain thousands of Instagram followers monthly
  2. Safe settings to keep your account running smoothly and avoiding blocks
  3. Instagram friendly strategies to appear human and not break other users experience

Sounds good right? Let's get into it.

Get Jarvee's Free Trial

If you haven't already, you'll need to download and install Jarvee.

Jarvee Social Media Automation Software

You can download Jarvee and access the 5 day free trial by clicking here or the button below.

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Jarvee Video Tutorial

Love learning by watching videos?

Me too.

I created a video tutorial of this guide, which I highly recommend you watch by clicking below:

Connecting Your Instagram Profile

Specifically you want to add your Instagram profile into Jarvee.

To do this, visit the Social Profiles tab on the Side Bar:

Jarvee Social Profiles

Click on Add Profile:

Jarvee Add Profile

Select the Instagram option:

Jarvee Add Instagram Profile
Note: You can import accounts too. Click SHOW DEMO IMPORT FILE for an example import file.

Next, you want to enter your Instagram account information:

Jarvee Instagram Profile Settings

1 — This is option information you want to enter. For example, the account name could be your clients name and then the Instagram handle like so: Aaron - @itsaaronward.

2 — If you have proxies for your accounts you want to enable the Show Proxy Settings and enter the information here.

Recommended proxies: HighProxies

3 — Enter the username and password you use to login to your account.

After you have entered this information, click Verify Account:

Jarvee Verify Account

You should see the Status change to VALID if your account information is correct:

Jarvee Status Valid

Please feel free to explore the other tabs such as Edit Profile or FL Import (if you previously used FollowLiker) and options available for your Instagram account. However, as your account is now connected there's no need to touch the other settings.

Changing The Default Modules

Next, you want to change the default modules in the tools section.

Click on Tools in the sidebar:

Jarvee Tools

Then at the bottom, click on Manage Columns:

Jarvee Tools Manage Columns

You will want to setup your columns to be the following, this is going to change the blue bar the arrows are pointing to, removing unnecessary information:

Jarvee Tools Visible Columns

Select these options and once done close the 'Select visible columns' window:

  • Name
  • Like
  • Comment
  • Follow
  • Unfollow
  • Actions
  • Like Comments
Please feel free to adjust the column widths to suit your screen size.

Next, you want to click on More Tools:

Jarvee More Tools

Click on Manage Tabs:

Jarvee Manage Tabs

And have it setup as the following:

Jarvee Manage Tabs Selection

Enable these tabs:

  • Follow
  • Unfollow
  • Like
  • Contact
  • Direct Messages
  • Manage Comments
  • Repost
  • Like Comments

You want to do this to remove the pointless automation tasks, keep in mind you can always re-enable these at a later point. For now, you just want the important ones. This makes the interface much easier to navigate.

Once done, close the window and you're ready for the next section.

Follow Tool Setup

The first tool you want to setup is the Follow tool.

The idea: You want to follow users who are engaging with competitors content on Instagram. These are the most likely users to follow you back and engage with your content. If you want to learn about finding your best target/competitor accounts or sources, check out Instagram Masterminds.

To get to the follow tool, visit the Tools section and click on More Tools:

Jarvee More Tools

There are a lot of settings to play with here.

Below is the best recommended settings to gain targeted and engaged followers:

Jarvee Follow Settings

Status: Turn this switch on/off

Run Timers

Wait between: 3-5 minutes

Follow between: 2 and 5 people with a delay between 38-48 seconds between each follow.

Execute between: 12am-12am (you need as much time as possible, so use 24 hours)

Sleep time: no need to add a sleep timer, leave it as default

Days: Run it every day of the week

Follow Limits

Follow a maximum of 50-75 per day. Increase each day with 50 until it reaches 800 max followers per day.

User Filters

Next you want to add these filters:

Jarvee Follow User Filters

Recommended Filters:

  • Skip Non English Users
  • User Has Profile Image
  • User Bio/username/name must not contain any invalid words
  • User has number of followers/followings in a specific range 0-1500 followers and 20-1000 followers.
  • User posted within the last X days: 90
  • Do not follow private users
  • Skip business accounts
  • Follow only: males/females/both (your choice on this one)
After Follow Actions
Jarvee Follow After Follow Actions

Recommended filters:

  • Like user's latest posts: 1-1
  • Remove poor quality sources: 0.2 after 2000 follows

Pro tip: You can click copy settings to easily replicate these onto other accounts.

Follow Sources

Finally, you need to add in Follow Sources. This tells Jarvee who you want to follow and how to find them.

Click on the Follow Sources tab:

Jarvee Follow Sources

Pro tip: You are more then free to try out different sources here. There's no danger in trying different sources.

These however, are the recommended follow sources to use for maximum return on investment:

Jarvee Follow Sources Settings

Follow users that interacted with posts on target accounts:

  • Likes and comments: Follow users who commented in the last 2880 (2 days) minutes
  • Scrape only posts posted in the last 2880 (2 days) minutes
  • Enter usernames into the box who you want to target
Need help with who you should be targeting for amazing gains? Check out Instagram Masterminds which teaches you the best way to find your perfect audience on Instagram.

Unfollow Tool Setup

Next up is the unfollow tool.

The idea: Because you are unfollowing users every day. You will reach Instagram's following cap/limit of 7500. Therefore, you need to also unfollow users to keep a consistent cycle.

To get to the unfollow tool, visit the Tools section and click on More Tools:

Jarvee More Tools

Note: most settings will typically be the same throughout the rest of the sections.

Click on the Unfollow Section:

Jarvee Unfollow Tool

Then copy in the following settings:

Run Timers

Unfollow items after a minimum of: 1 days

Wait between: 3-5 minutes

Unfollow between: 2 and 5 with a delay between 38-48 seconds

Execute between: 12am - 12am

Days: run on every day

Unfollow Limits

Unfollow a maximum of: 75-100 per day and increase by 75 until it reaches 820 per day

User Filters
  • Unfollow all users followed by Jarvee
  • Also target users followed from outside jarvee: *Optional*
  • Do not unfollow commenters in the last 6 posts
  • Use whitelist: enter usernames of anyone you NEVER want to unfollow here

Like Tool Setup

Finally let's talk about the like tool.

This will be the last tool you want to automate to grow your Instagram account.

The idea: To like your followers content, to promote engagement growth and also reward users who engaged with your content by liking their uploads.

To get to the like tool, visit the Tools section and click on More Tools:

Jarvee More Tools

Note: most settings will typically be the same throughout the rest of the sections.

Click on the Like Section:

Jarvee Like Tool

Then copy in the following settings:

Run Timers

Wait between: 3-5 minutes

Like between: 2 and 5 with a delay between 38-48 seconds

Execute between: 12am - 12am

Days: run on every day

Like Limits

Like a maximum of: 50-75 per day and increase by 75 until it reaches 500 per day (take into consideration, when you follow a user you will also be liking their images too).

Like a users most recent posts: 1 most recent posts

User Filters
Jarvee Like User Filters
  • Skip non English users
  • User has profile image
  • User has a number of followers/followings in a specific range: 0-1000 followers and 20-1000 followings
  • User bio/username/name must not contain any invalid words
  • Skip business acounts
  • Like only males/females/both/all *optional*
  • Language: Optional
Post Filters
Jarvee Like Post Filters
  • Like only: images and videos
  • Posted within the last X days: 3
  • Filter posts by number of likes: 0-500
  • Do Not like if post caption contains specific words
Need a blacklist? Download my naughty words list here

Next up, click on the Like Sources tab:

Jarvee Like Sources

You want to select the following sources with also the Selection ranks:

Selection ranks are the priority order Jarvee uses to find content. With 10 being #1 priority and 1 being the lowest.

Like Posts of Followers: Section rank 10

Like Latest Feed Posts: Section Rank 8

Like Posts of users that interacted with posts on target accounts: Section Rank 9

  • You want to enter your Instagram username in the box for this option. Optionally, you can also enter competitor accounts to boost your daily exposure to new potential followers.

Like Comments Tool Setup

The very final tool you want to setup is the Like comments tool.

The idea: To reward users who like your pictures or videos.

Click on the Like Comments section:

Jarvee Like Comments

Then enter in the following settings:

Run Timers

Wait between: 3-5 minutes

Like between: 2 and 5 with a delay between 38-48 seconds

Execute between: 12am - 12am

Days: run on every day

Like Limits

Like a maximum of: 50-100 per day and increase by 0 until it reaches 0 per day.

Post Filters
Jarvee Like Comments Post Filters
  • Skip non English Comments
  • Do not like own comments
  • Filter posts by creation time: 0 and 72 hours old
  • Do NOT like if comment contains specific words

Next, click on the Sources tab:

Jarvee Like Comments Sources

Choose the source: Like own posts comments


You've made it, you're officially setup and ready to turn on the tools.

Blacklisted Words: Download

You may have seen the huge list of profanity related words in this guide.

These are important to use to avoid any nasty content on Instagram. Generally this won't be an issue, but it's good to be extra safe.

If you don't have a list that contains profanity related words...

You can download the black list here

View Your Daily Statistics

To see how many followers you have gained daily you want to head on over to your social profiles section:

Jarvee Social Profiles

Make sure to tick the box for the profile you want to see your statistics for:

Jarvee Profile Tick Box

Then at the bottom click the drop-down box which says "EXECUTE ACTIONS ON SELECTED PROFILES", and select View Statistics for the selected social profiles:

Jarvee View Statistics

Then you will have a table which shows you the daily statistics for your account, like so:

Jarvee Statistics

Further Training For Jarvee

Because this is a guide tailored for beginners...

We won't be covering the other tools for now.

But as we don't want to leave you in the dark, you will want to know about these tools and play with them in your own time:

Direct Messages - You can manage your direct messages for your Instagram account here.

Manage comments - These column lets you manage comments on your Instagram profile, like comments, reply, and even edit and update the original photo or videos caption.

Repost - An awesome tool which downloads posts from other users which you can then repost on your account. You will need to create a desination and campaign for this tool to work.

In addition, if you want to learn everything possible about Jarvee, check out Instagram Masterminds.

This video covers everything you need to know about Instagram Masterminds:

You can click here to learn more about Instagram Masterminds

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