Jarvee Action Blocked — Why It Happens & How to Fix It

Jarvee Action Blocked

Firstly, if you get Jarvee actioned blocked...

...don't panic.

It happens to everyone and usually isn't a big deal.

In this guide I'll show you how to remove the blocks and avoid them in the future.

Understand Instagram is always changing

The most recent update that made a huge impact was June/July 2019.

Instagram makes updates to the platform and API all the time, and naturally you will need to give Jarvee's team time to understand the changes, and then update their tool to work with the changes Instagram made.

Don't always think it's that you're doing something wrong.

It could be that Instagram is down (try googling Instagram down to see if it is).

Step 1 - Think long term before short term, stop automation

When you are blocked, it's good to stop automation for 2+ days (usually I like to stop it for 3 to 5 days).

This will firstly allow the block to go away, and let your account get any flags removed.

I do highly recommend that during this time you manually use your Instagram profile on your phone, so that your activity looks human and normal. This will help with your blocks.

The BIG mistake most people do is that they won't stop automation, and will try to brute force the block away...

...which doesn't ever work and will cause you to stay blocked for longer. I'd much rather personally not do automation for 5 days, rather then being blocked for 2 weeks.

Step 2 - Reset your error messages

In your Tools tab, click on "Execute Actions" at the very bottom of your screen:

Jarvee execute actions

Then click on "Clear Error Notifications":

Jarvee clear error notifications

This is a quick hack that 'resets' Jarvee so that any false blocks (e.g. your blocked doing follows in Jarvee but can do follows on your phone or browser) are removed.

This can then help Jarvee resume correctly and remove any fake blocks you have.

Step 3 - Try using the embedded browser

In your social profile, enable the "Show Advanced Profile Settings":

Jarvee show advanced profile settings

Then scroll down until you see these options about using the embedded browsers when blocked:

Jarvee use only embedded browser options

Firstly, try turning on the options:

  • Use embedded browser to follow when Action Blocked
  • Use embedded browser to follow when Action Blocked

If this doesn't work, then turn on:

  • Use only embedded browser to follow
  • Use only embedded browser to like

This isn't a 100% fix, but sometimes can do the job.

Step 4 - Get a better proxy

I have a list of proxies here that you can check out.

In short, using a higher quality proxy such as a 4G proxy from AirProxy will help you avoid blocks moving forward.

This is because they look more 'legit' — meaning your automation activity looks like it's actually coming from a normal connection such as a phones 4G internet.


If you're account is already blocked, switching your proxy isn't a guaranteed fix that will remove the block.

It can definitely help if you are on a data center proxy (even trying to get a new data center proxy can help in certain cases so it doesn't hurt to try).

At the end of the day, a block is a block and will go after the time frame.

Step 5 - Adjust your tools settings

In all honesty, if you haven't joined Instagram Masterminds you should.

It has my very best Jarvee settings that are always updated to work with Instagram's latest changes.

You want your automation to be as human and random as possible to avoid creating spam-patterns.

In addition, you also don't want to break Instagram's limits by doing actions too quickly or too many per hour (max 60 follows+unfollows an hour, 60 likes max per hour).

Therefore try doing these things to your settings:

  • Add intervals to randomize your time when doing actions each day
  • Increase the range between your delays to add more randomization
  • Make your daily limits smaller (around 200 max per day)

Example of daily intervals:

Jarvee intervals

Once again, if you want the best settings join Instagram Masterminds

Step 6 - Reset your device ID

Instagram may not be trusting the connection that your automation is coming from.

As a last resort you can try changing your device ID found in your "Advanced Profile Settings".

Simply scroll down until you see the INFO settings, and click on "Reset Device IDs":

Jarvee reset device IDs

You'll need to re-validate your profile, and Instagram will then send you an email saying it recognized a new login.

You can ignore the email and hopefully your blocks won't be an issue any more.

Step 7 - Waiting it out

I know it's never fun being blocked.

I understand you may have clients too, who are on your ass about why they're blocked.

The reality is that you're doing Instagram automation...

...and this is the only downside to it. Sometimes things are going great for 5 months, and then Instagram will release a huge change and everything goes to shit.

You just have to be patient, wait it out, don't fight against it and adapt to any changes that happen.

Conclusion about Jarvee blocks

Blocks suck. They stop your growth and can cause headaches.

Sometimes it's not your fault (especially if you're using IGMM settings and a good proxy).

However, the only real way to deal with a block is to be patient.

The best way you can avoid blocks is ultimately through good automation settings, using your home IP address to do automation activity on, having a high quality profile (uploading good content), engaging with your audience by manually using Instagram, uploading stories, and basically offering value to the platform.

I hope this tricks above do help with your blocks...

...if not, you'll simply have to wait it out until Instagram removes it.

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