Instagram "Your Account Was Compromised" - Fix & Explanation

Instagram "Your Account Was Compromised"

Instagram can sometimes be a pain, especially when things are going well and then suddenly you get the "Your Account Was Compromised".

Which looks like this (just so we are on the same page):

Instagram your account was compromised message
Credit: Koin3190 from mpsocial

Let's talk about what causes this and how you can keep your account safe moving forward.

Why you got this message & is it bad?

The simple answer is that you're most likely using an automation tool or a service that is helping you automate your account.

"Well duh Aaron... but what does this mean, is my account safe?"

Your account is completely safe. Don't sweat it.

The good news is that a while ago IG automation abuse team did a research paper and stated that while they know which accounts are automating, they have no intention of banning these accounts...

...they only want to prevent users from abusing the system.

Instagram automation research paper
AAS = Account Automation Services

The problem is that IG has been pretty unstable since June 2019. They made lots of updates to the platform and it kind of hit automation tools hard as they don't work 100% with the platform currently.

We just need to keep things slow for now until automation applications update to these changes and they figure things out.

The problem is that Instagram doesn't release any notes or change-logs on what they do...

...So it can take time for software developers to understand what's going on.

Instagram's just really buggy. And it doesn't help that it keeps changing.

Realistically, if you get this message it might be time to take a 1-month break from automation, just until things clear up and you don't do any long-term damage to your Instagram profile.

That would be the smart (and less stressful) move.

What to do if you get this message

The first thing is to reset your password so you get access to your account again.

Then wait at least 1 week.

Just don't do any automation and manually use your account to build up trust and to look human.

The main reason why this message popped up is because your connection from any automation tool you were using (e.g. Jarvee) wasn't "human looking".

Stop automation

As I mentioned above (incase you skipped ahead, which is fine ^_^)...

You will want to stop automation for roughly a week and just use your account manually to build trust.

1. Try a new proxy + reset your device ID

If you are using Jarvee:

In your Social Profile > Advanced Profile Settings try resetting your device ID and use a new proxy.

Do this reset at the same time so that your connection is 100% fresh and new. This means stop your profile, add a new proxy, reset your device ID, and then validate your account in Jarvee.

At the moment it doesn't matter what type of proxy you are using either...

...Data center proxies, residential proxies and mobile proxies are all experiencing this issue.

So it's not proxy related!

2. Try doing only likes for a while

I've been running likes on a profile since the big June 2019 block.

and guess what?

They work great! You just need to get your targeting/sources good and you can still get gains of 40+ followers a day.

Plus this boosts engagement nicely :)

I have great settings for Jarvee likes inside IGM.

Other things to mention

I was speaking with an agency owner a few days ago.

They mentioned that a client account they're running has been doing Instagram ads for a while on top of automation and has NEVER had one issue.

So those of you with money. Go set up some adverts hahah.

Something else that's interesting...

Recently I've been getting suspicious login attempts, on an account that isn't using automation.

This signals to me that Instagram isn't working correctly currently on location tracking.

Hence my comment earlier on IG being buggy.

Here's what's happening:

The thing is that I live in Toronto, Canada.

But Instagram thinks I'm connecting from other locations in Canada, such as Ottawa and Vancouver and many other locations. This isn't true at all, and the account is secure (not a hacker as I've checked multiple times if any weird activity is happening).

For now, IG is being a pain in the ass.

As for most of use who can't use Instagram all day (as we have better things to do), hopefully these issues go.

On the bright side, things are much better then the mass June 2019 block, ha!

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