Instagram Inauthentic Engagement Notification: What To Do

Instagram Inauthentic Engagement

So you've received a notification that looks like this:

We're removing inauthentic likes and follows Instagram notification

Specifically it says:

We're Removing Inauthentic Likes and Follows

It looks like you may have shared your username and password with an app offering followers or likes. We're removing activity like new followers from these apps to protect our community from inauthentic activity to stop them from accessing your account.

Let's take a look at why you got this and some ideas around how to avoid receiving in.

Step 1 - Familiarize Yourself with the FB Research Article about them Stopping Automation Abuse

Specifically this article here:

This document outlines the way Instagram attempts to stop users who use Automation Services to help grow their account.

Which in their right is completely fair.

The thing is, a lot of people ABUSE automation for bad things such as:

  • Sex/Human Trafficking
  • Selling Drugs
  • Pornography
  • Bullying/Harassment
  • Violence
  • And so on...

While you typically don't get exposed to it... it does happen and it's the #1 issue Instagram has to deal with.

Instagram doesn't want to be caught up in some law suit involving these categories, so they put in countermeasures in place to stop people abusing it.

The thing is, Instagram understands a lot of normal users and businesses use these automation services to help grow their accounts.

These users are typically uploading good content, providing value and helping the platform generate more revenue by making users come Instagram can show them more ads.

And as you probably know it's very hard to gain traction when first starting off and automation makes it much easier to do those daily activities such as following users which would take hours to do manually.

If this was fully removed, a lot of people would quit and that wouldn't be great for Instagram's revenue.

However these are just personal thoughts on the matter...

...But what's great is that in the documentation they mention:

"While Instagram is in a position to identify all AAS customer accounts, blocking these accounts is not a desirable out come since Instagram users still use them to initiate legitimate actions that should not be blocked (even while they are also enrolled in an AAS)."

AAS = Account automation services.

They also say:

"Finally, we have shown through controlled experiments that blocking such services, while effective in the short term, quickly drives adaptation and can make it difficult to amortize the cost of developing accurate abuse classification. Consequently, from the standpoint of protecting non-abusive users from artificial content, a more effective long-term strategy can be built on deferred interventions (e.g., removing synthetic actions after at a future point)."

Therefore we can take from this that while Instagram does frown against Instagram automation and would rather it not being used, they can understand why users are doing it and don't want to ban accounts as a lot of the users provide value through legitimate (manual) actions.

So Instagram adds countermeasures to just make it more annoying (blocks) and provide notifications (inauthentic activity) to try and reduce automation users. In addition, they also remove any fake engagement such as likes and comments at a later date.

Therefore, to remove this notification try and build a more valuable account with higher quality content.

I've never personally had this notification, but I upload only awesome content and manually engage with my community.

Automation at the end of the day should only be used as a bonus tool to expose your account to people who would enjoy your content. You should prioritize growing a community that loves what you do and upload, making the platform and your profile a valuable contribution.

Step 2 - Understand Instagram Bugs Out a Lot

Sometimes Instagram has issues.

Actually it has them a lot.

Keep in mind people who are not even using automation are still getting this notification so it's not perfectly targeted at you.

For example check this out:

Twitter: someone getting the Instagram inauthentic likes notification using hootsuite

Step 3 - Stop Using Services that Give You Paid Likes or Followers

If you're buying likes or followers for your account(s).

Just stop.

Doing this is already a bad idea as it's fake engagement and won't help you what so ever. In fact it will really screw you over once you stop as your engagement will go down signalling that your content sucks.

And fake followers make your engagement worse too, as they don't like or comment or view your stories etc...

Making your profile worse.

So stop using them as this can be a huge red flag on Instagram's end.

And it's considered as being very-blackhat growth. Which is never a good thing.

Step 4 - Change Your Password

The first time you get this notification, I would agree and change your password just so it goes away and you acknowledge the 'scary' notification.

Then I would suggest that you don't change your password if you get it again.

While Instagram has given you this notification, I personally believe that if you change your password again and again you're agreeing that you using these automation tools or fake engagement services.

Instead, close the notification as if you are saying "don't be stupid Instagram, I'm not using anything".

There are a LOT of bugs on Instagram, and even manual users (non-automators) have received this notification .

So just treat it as that idea if you get it more than once.

Step 5 - Adjust Your Automation

Firstly, I would stop all automation for a few days after getting the notification just to let this 'flagging' go away.

Then I would reset your daily limits back down to 25-50 follows, unfollows, likes and so forth per day and rebuild back up to your normal daily limits.

Doing this will help your account gain more trust again.

I would also suggest slowing down your automation delays between actions.

As you've got this notification because Instagram thinks you are using these tools — so your automation is a little too aggressive for your accounts trust level and past activity.

You can always checkout my course on optimize settings to effective and safely grow your account.

Step 6 - Remember that Automation is Just a Cog in the Wheel

I think sometimes people get all caught up and overwhelmed with automation and the consequences of it.

Then they start the whole 'doomsday' threads and panic.

Keep in mind:

Instagram has done this for years (I've been automating for over 4+ years now) and I see it over and over again.

It's the same stuff, just done in a different way.

Try and work with Instagram instead of against it.

When you get these notifications just remember that Instagram isn't trying to make your life worse, it's just caught your account in the cross fire of people who abuse it.

And remember on top of this:

Instagram wants you to create a high quality account — meaning you upload good quality posts, you tag people if it's a reupload, your doing interesting stories and using polls to engage users, adding valuable comments on others posts and engaging with your community.

If you just spam automation and miss all those important steps, then guess what?

Instagram will make your time on the platform worse because your ruining the experience for other users.

Like I mentioned earlier, I've been very lucky to not experience this notification or in fact any other blocks...

...simply because I work with the Instagram platform by creating good quality accounts :)

Do the same and you'll have less issues.

Step 7 - It's Time to Upgrade that Proxy

If you're running an important Instagram profile on a data center proxy, such as a business profile or account you care about... might want to look into upgrading your account to a mobile (4G) proxy to reduce issues and look more human.

It's not proven:

But it can help a lot in not looking as 'inauthentic' then using a Data Center proxy.

For this I recommend checking out AirProxy as they specialize in this :)

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