Instagram Automation Guide (Get Started in 2019)

Instagram Automation Guide

So you're looking at automating your Instagram profile.


I'm here to share with you my 3+ years of experience using Instagram automation tools which has helped over 40,000 others automate their Instagram account growth.

You'll find information on what automation is, all the way to what tools are best and how you can get started.

Let's dive in:

1. What Is Instagram Automation?

It's pretty simple really.

It's when you automate tasks that you can manually do on Instagram.

Examples of tasks would be:

  • Following Profiles
  • Unfollowing Profiles
  • Liking Pictures or Videos
  • Liking Comments
  • Sending Direct Messages
  • Writing comments on posts
  • And even uploading posts

Instagram Automation Examples

It's pretty common these days to be able to automate anything on Instagram. And it's even more common that people don't have enough time each day to do all these tasks.

Recently, Instagram introduced automated posting for users with a business profile.

Which is great. Because we may see more automated features in the future to help you not spend so much time on the platform.

With this being said, it leads us onto:

2. Benefits Of Using Instagram Automation

The main benefit here is passive growth.

Automation does repetitive tasks which could take you hours to complete manually.

And you'll probably agree that you have better things to do then sit and use Instagram all day.

So to keep things short and sweet:

You can grow your Instagram account followers and engagement, without having to manually do tasks.

Example of Instagram automation daily gains

That's an example of daily follower gains an account I'm running has.

All automated.

Pretty cool right?

But I don't want to get the wrong idea across here. It is critical that you upload high quality posts over anything. Otherwise people don't want to follow you in the first place.

Automation simply compliments your marketing efforts in letting people know you exist, and that you upload awesome posts or have an awesome product or service if your a business.

3. Banned Using Automation?

A huge scare for automation newbies is being told you can get banned for using an Instagram 'bot'.

Instagram account disabled

And you should be scared.

It's 100% true that you can be banned for using an Instagram bot INCORRECTLY.

You get banned because you made other Instagram users experience worse.

Let me explain:

Instagram is owned by Facebook. They have world-class programmers and smart-peeps working there.

They can stop bots pretty damn easily.

But they understand that many successful people and businesses need automation. It's very normal for businesses to use automation.

Heck, they're even introducing their own automation features such as automated posting for business accounts.

Something else to note, is that they don't state on their Terms page that automation is not allowed.

And as a final note to our other notes:

Instagram want's everyone to have a great user experience. So if you in any way step out of that goal. They will ban you. Using automation or even using Instagram manually.

So put it this way:

If you make other users experience better (upload great posts, like their images, follow them and so on) you won't get banned.

In the 3+ years of automation and over 30,000 students I have taught: I have lost one account for trying to do 2000 follows in one day, that's 1000 over the limit and I was expecting the ban.

4. The Best Instagram Automation Tool

Call it a tool.

Call it a bot.

Call it an application.

It doesn't matter, it does the same thing 😊

The best Instagram automation tool is Jarvee.

You can click here to grab a 5 day free trial of it.

Jarvee can automate everything possible on Instagram, and has amazing filters to refine your targeting and strategy.

Like I previously mentioned, I've been doing Instagram automation for over 3 years. I've tested various tools and have only ever recommended the best one available. I don't want to waste your time. And I only recommend killer products that I use.

You may have also heard of FollowLiker, another popular Instagram automation tool. I have a video here comparing FollowLiker and Jarvee:

5. Instagram Automation Guides For Beginenrs

I'm guessing you're a beginner to all this because you are here.

I have developed some great video guides and even free online courses to walk you through setting up Jarvee.

I share my best settings to keep your account SAFE. And CORRECTLY growing targeted followers.

Jarvee Instagram Tutorial

I have a full written guide you can check out here.

Free Instagram Automaton Course:

Free Instagram Marketing Course

You can click here to join my free Instagram course.

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