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Who the heck runs socialDasher?

Hey whats up! I'm aaron.

Aaron Ward - SocialDasher

It all started with a (failed) online dog store...

Two years ago I struck gold by failing a business idea. 

And here's how:

I had this online store which sold dog harness. And as the main traffic source I decided to use social media channels.

Instagram and Pinterest specifically.

I managed to grow the Instagram account, with automation and algorithm friendly strategies, to over 40,000+ followers in just a few months.

And here's how I did it...

Awesome teacher. Very specific. he answered my questions in very short time. Very recommended.

- Carolina C

Aaron knows his stuff, he's up-to-date, and he's friendly! He has* an excellent starter course for those of us new to the art of Social Media.

- Ben W

Love it, there's no doubt that Aaron is a true expert with automation, and knows all the ins and outs of the tool.

- Edward T

Learning social media automation

Two years ago I started automating Instagram accounts.

This involved hours of figuring out how the platforms algorithm functions, troubleshooting block issues, picking the best niches and overall plugging in the best settings to get awesome follower gains.


There was limited information discussing the topic of social media automation. Even though every business owner will agree that automation is a critical component of running a business.

Or at least makes your life much easier.

*nods head*

And if I was lucky enough to find any information on the subject, it would be outdated.

Typically due to how quickly social media platforms push out new updates...

So I had an idea:

Why not start a hub that shares the best information about social media automation, which gets updated when it needs to.

"Why?" you ask... 

Well, I've been doing this for over 2 years. So I'm humbly experienced in this area. I've tried and tested many strategies and taught them to over 28,000 students and helped 150 clients with their businesses social media campaigns.

So here's the big picture splattered over the wall:

The idea of SocialDasher is that you can actively, safely and successful grow your social media accounts.

I'm going to take a guess that you just jumped out your chair and shouted awesome. You and me both buddy.

Oh and did I mention you can expect wicked results like this:

Instagram Automation - Results of Jarvee's Daily Follower Gains

Oh and another thing. More and more entrepreneurs like yourself, are starting digital agencies and managing clients accounts.

I love the hustle behind this and even do it myself. So you can expect information on this too.


Finally, I want to welcome you to SocialDasher, what I hope you will call "my home for social media marketing and automation tips".

I recommend you take a look at the guides, and join a free course to power-boost your marketing knowledge.

And as always, keep being awesome—I look forward to seeing you around!


Founder of SocialDasher

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